How will we get there?

During the first phase of our expedition, we focus on the successful launch of our deflationary social token on the MyDiversify Web Application.

This token presents many utilities within our Diversify ecosystem and provides the foundation for all future undertakings. Moving forward, we will foster the MyDiversify Application and provide further opportunities for diversification of venture capital with a focus on digital assets. Soon, the platform will grant you access to the ideal entry point for your next investment steps: our DIV ONE pool. Constructed of over 25 well-rounded virtual assets reaching from established products to promising and undervalued low-cap gems, this flagship investment pool will focus on a solid return on investment.

We recently entered into DIV ONE’s final optimization stage and plan to launch within the year.

In addition, Diversify Ltd. will enable and encourage its members to get involved as researchers. Those who want to participate in the exchange of information and findings will have the opportunity to contribute their results to the project and receive a reward for it.

Subsequently, in the second stage, our Diversity team will put a major focus on tokenization which will allow for diversification beyond venture capital and cryptocurrencies. Other virtual assets, such as tokenized shares, real estate, and art, will become part of the Diversify portfolio and ensure a constant expansion of our product range. To access this multitude of opportunities, we will perpetually improve our web application MyDiversify and turn it into a holistic hub, fit to consolidate your entire portfolio management.

Apart from this, we want to put a focus on DAO-Projects and community voting to promote transparency and co-determination within the Diversify Family. For instance, our members will choose Diversify Foundation’s supported projects on the application regularly. Moreover, our community will decide whether the underlying assets of the DIV tokens should be transformed into a decentralized managed fund by the end of 2022.

The third phase

… is where we confidently reach for the stars. We want to become the number one contact for virtual asset consultancy and implement multiple diversified investment strategies. The range of offers will include a wide variety of tokenized assets and mirror our effort in customer satisfaction as well as the social impact generated by Diversify Ltd.

At this point, we will focus implementing fully automated risk management software in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), which will include data analysis, decision implementation, and, in the second step, the automated creation of new virtual assets.

Of course, we are well aware that we have a challenging journey ahead of us. Currently, we are in the early stages of our project, with a major focus on the global token sale. While some parts of the further conception are already well-engineered, others are still under careful construction. Our team consisting of more than 20 experts is putting in maximum effort to expedite our mission and ensure data reliability. For now, we are engaging in dedicated community building as we plan to grow dynamically and create a productive environment for cooperation.

Our major priority in this context is our DIV token Seed Sale. The corresponding web application is already up and running, giving you the freedom to start minting on MyDiversify right now.

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